The Fight to Repeal FOSTA-SESTA

Photo from the engadget article found here

Photo from the engadget article found here

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Just in case you weren't aware, President Trump (I still find it hard to swallow that) signed FOSTA SESTA into law today.  (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act)  It sounds like something that would be a positive thing and that we should rejoice that the new administration is fighting sex traffickers right?  Wrong.  The main caveat being that the legislation doesn't differentiate sex trafficking from legitimate, consensual sex work.  What it really amounts to is thinly veiled censorship of sex on the internet.  That and removing the safe working environment that sex workers had built only to be forced onto the street and into violence and personal danger.  

Dan Savage talked with Mistress Matisse about the repercussions of FOSTA-SESTA on the most recent episode of the Savage Lovecast and we also urge you to follow the hashtag #LetUsSurvive to learn what you can do to fight this bill, now passed into law.

Every time there is a mass shooting, NRA fanboys shout their right to bare arms and the importance of the 2nd amendment.  FOSTA-SESTA is in direct violation of the FIRST Amendment and the right to free speech.  It is unconstitutional.  I know that and I am Canadian.  This is affecting us North of the border too.  Microsoft and Google accounts are compromised and people are having alleged erotic content deleted off of cloud drives.   Craiglist personals have shut down even before the tiny orange hands signed it.  Twitter users are currently suspecting "shadowbans" where they are limited to their immediate followers for post visibility with no new hits or views possible even when searched.  Twitter has always been a mostly censor free social media platform so this change is still alarming. 

Even, a kinky sex positive social networking site is looking at it's future under these new Draconian laws.  

The outstanding hypocrisy of this administration knows no bounds.  This is weeks after the scandal broke of Trump's lawyer paying hush money to Stormy Daniels a prominent adult film star for alleged sexual relations with Trump while his wife was pregnant.

This account’s Tweets are protected.
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—  Twitter

Yes, that's very convenient.  

I hope for all our sakes that she releases the "photos" she has of proof of the fling with Mr Orange. #freethecarrot  It should wake the rest of the country up to the fact that he only cares about himself and not the lives of so many that rely on the anonymity of the web to screen potential clients.

This law does not protect anyone.  It is throwing an already marginalized group of people under the proverbial bus.   

So what can we do?  I'll assume you've already signed the above petition, if not, please do so now.

Educate yourself on what is happening.

Some resources you can use to get up to speed on internet sites making changes to their terms of service are here
Someone you know and love is a sex worker even if you are not aware.  This legislation will affect you in some way and people are now in danger.  Please also consider giving to a charity organization that supports sex workers in your area.  One in our city of Halifax is Stepping Stone,

#fucksesta #sexworkiswork

Ryan Walker