Atu XI: "Lust"

The inspiration for creating this line of leather goods came from this image. Behold Our Lady Babalon the Great, Mother of Abominations and Goddess of the texts of Thelema. This is the 11th card in the major arcana of the Thoth Tarot deck. Originally this card is called “Strength” but Aleister Crowley changed the name to reinforce the idea of the “Scarlet Woman”: a feminine aspect of the godhead that he believed could be represented on earth by a living woman. This is contrary to the Christian image of the Virgin Mary whose power comes only from her chastity and innocence. The Scarlet Woman seduces all, and with that seduction gives understanding (referring to Binah, the second sephiroth on the Tree of Life). Where the virgin finds solice in oppression the whore takes all and with experience gains understanding.

$100.00 CDN


photo by Josh Szeto

photo by Jenn Gregory

photo by Jeff Babineau